About Advanced Video Technologies LLC

AVT ImageAdvanced Video Technologies (AVT) is the assignee of U.S. Patent No. 5,781,788, “Full Duplex Single Chip Video Codec,” that was published in 1998. AVT is a technology licensing company that was established to expand the uses and applications for the invention covered by the ‘788 Patent, and to ultimately license and commercialize the patented technology.

Advanced Video Technologies is a portfolio company of IP Holdings, LLC, the IP-centric merchant banking affiliate of General Patent Corporation (GPC). IP Holdings operates an Idea Incubator that includes AVT. General Patent is a leading patent monetization firm and is the exclusive licensing agent for the AVT Patent.

The ‘788 patent describes a single-chip that includes a video codec that receives video input from a NTSC-compatible or PAL-compatible camera and a transmit channel. The video data from the camera or other input source is compressed by the video codec and transmitted out in compressed form on a transmit channel. There are numerous applications for this patent technology for manufacturers of video equipment.

A non-exclusive license under the AVT Patent is available on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. For licensing terms, please contact Kathlene Ingham at (845) 368-4000 x107.